Limerick Competition

During the Conference Dinner on the evening of Wednesday 4 July 2007, a Limerick Competition was held, with the authors of three of the best limericks winning a bottle of sparkling wine. The limericks are shown below.


I came here to learn of complexity
With a feeling of anguished perplexity
They spoke of links between nodes
And the sex partners they chose
So I'm eyeing the one sitting next to me
John Hawkins
By the hundreds we came to the beach
And networked away each to each
But the steps in the graph
Would make our Pip laugh
So random, bizarre, incomplete.
Roger Bradbury
There once was a time
We thought chaos a crime
Until butterflies brought us the hurricane
No, it was Bob Dylan, neither Newton, nor Ian
Brought home was the bacon
Yeh Strogatz, he gave us the sign!
Ariel Liebman

Other Entries

At the '07 conference on complexity
One needed high ergodicity
To attend all the tracks
And get all the facts
On adaptive agents and processes of stochasticity
Russell Standish
I'm not averse to rhyme
But a rhyme in chaos is a crime
So give the complexity
Find my verbal dexterity
And the Dom Perignon will be mine
Steve Keen
'Twas at Asia Pacific Complex'07
That presenters showed mana from heaven
With poster so fine
When combined with red wine
Observers wondered who did them.
Paul Davis
As models could hardly mistake
Reality they saw was a fake
The answers they got
Were not worth a lot
Complex sec wouldn't keep them awake.
Paul Walker, Natalie Jones, Tim Lynan, Anne Drew, Rachel Williams
Complex'07 has been a procession
Of interesting tracks in succession
The theory's an art
That the sum of the parts
Should yield more than the price of admission
Paul Walker, Natalie Jones, Tim Lynan, Anne Drew, Rachel Williams
There was a young boffin called Rex
Who had little interest in sex
One day at the beach
He met a real peach
And now his interactions are complex
Paul Walker, Natalie Jones, Tim Lynan, Anne Drew, Rachel Williams
There once was a do on the Coast
The models the people did boast
The ideas were complex
Their brains they did flex
But the dinner the people like most!
Paul Walker, Natalie Jones, Tim Lynan, Anne Drew, Rachel Williams
Ode to Roger
Though he studies all matters complex
It never will strain his cortex
For on top of wit
He's mastered bullshit
And inspired by cans of 4X!
A bird had a concept divine
'Tis far better if we all combine
The others did cry
"This model won't fly"
But they all had a flocking good time.
There once was an agent called Smart
Whose fight against Kaos did start
To veer from its goal
He knew not that the whole
Was more than the sum of its parts
In a hotel venue beatific
With papers and authors prolific
I'll tell the committee
With this little ditty
The conference is really terrific.
They struggled to rhyme with complexity
I know, said John, it's more sex, silly
It isn't quite done
And it isn't a pun
But, hell, it better than simplicity.
A sceptical chaos detractor
Once said of the Lorenz Attractor
It's not difficult or queer
There's no butterflies here
Just make your equations exacter.
There once was a brilliant suggestion
During a talk on congestion
Don't let it trouble you
Answer: N C W
Now, tell me what was the question?
At a conference on systems complex
While hearing about networks of sex
Then the guys in the suits
Talked about complex roots
I had to lie down with a Bex.
Fred Flintstone, it really is factual
Went purchasing pterodactyl
He called out to Wilma,
"These birds are self sim'lar"
She said "Of course, they're fractal":
There once was a guy from Korea
Who full of vinegar and urea
Did Google at-will
And found with a thrill
The most complex on the planet was Janet
David Sontag and Ken Boff