Conference Awards

Poster and Software Demonstration
Chair: Daniel Bradley

Software Judge: Andrew Smith

Alex TN Heng & David Green, VLAB
Poster Judges: Joseph DeRosa & David Newth Mikolaj Cieslak, Alla Seleznoya & Jim Hanan. Virtual kiwifruit
Specialised Tracks

Anomalous Diffusion
Chair: Bruce Henry

Frank Detering. Non-local heat transport in laser-produced plasmas

Business and Economics
Chairs: Bob Marks & Ian Wilkinson

Sam MacAulay, John Steen & Tim Kastelle. Discovering small worlds in potentially biased nets

Complex Systems Engineering
Chairs: Peter Lindsay, Shaun Wilson & Anne-Marie Grisogono

Nigel Hoschke & Don Price. Self-organising sensing systems for structural health management

Complex Systems in the Earth Sciences
Chair: Dion Weatherley

Jay Larson. Practical aspects of symbolisation and subsequent analysis of weather data

Complexity in Energy, Water and Urban Development
Chairs: Geoff James & Tim Baynes

Ariel Liebman & Geoff Walker. Impacts of V2G tech on electricity markets

Computational Modelling in Biology and Chemistry
Chairs: Phil Pollet, James Watson, MB, JH & AW
Judge: Martyn O'Hely

Steven Lade & Yuri Kivshar. Vibrational energy transfer in proteins

Defence and security
Chairs: Anne-Marie Grisogono & Axel Bender

Anthonie van Lieburg, Peter Petiet & Nanne le Grand. Improving war games using complex systems practices

Social networks and epidemiology
Chairs: David Newth, Garry Robins & Pip Pattison
Judge: Paul Walker

Galana Daraganova, Philippa Pattison, Garry Robins & Peng Wang. Social influence models

Social Science and Management
Chair: Stephen Fraser

Adam Dunn & Daniela Stehlik. Governance by social network: A multiscale analysis of communication efficiency
Chair: Bob Dewar & Rowena Ball
Terry O'Kane & Jorgen Frederiksen. On subgrid-scale parameterizations of the eddy viscosity, stochastic backscatter and the eddy-topographic force
General Track

General Track A
Chair: Rowena Ball

Julianne Halley & Dave Winkler. Is the fractal geometry of nature a coincidence?

General Track B
Chair: David Prasser

David Odell & Konstantin Borovkov. Evolution of node-clusters in space associated with processes determined by Voronoi maps: Statistics from simulations

General Track C
Chair: James Watson

Mark Bowden. Information contagion and financial prices

General Track D
Chair: Stephen Fraser

Robert Moss. A preliminary model for studying the interactions between nephrons

General Track E
Chair: Hussein Abbass

Cameron Fletcher. Resilient extraction of renewable resources

General Track F
Chair: Roger Bradbury

Fabio Boschetti, Nicky Grigg & David McDonald. Mapping model complexity

General Track G
Chair: Russel Standish

Tim Kastelle. The evolution of the World Trade Web as a complex system

General Track H
Chair: John Finnigan

Marcus Brede, Fabio Boschetti & Bert de Vries. Harvesting heterogeneous renewable resources: Uncoordinated, selfish, team, and community-oriented strategies
General Track I
Chair: Frank Detering
James Stokes, Alex Samarian & Sergey Vladimirov. Non-Hamiltonian and fractional dynamics in complex plasma